At least once in your lifetime you handle the moment of moving into the new place! Lots of emotions, excitement, joy and worry at the same time, simply makes you forget too many necessary details. This is why Removals Centre is always ready to help to make your move simple for you. Removals Centre is based in London that covers London, Essex are a company that also cover the whole of the UK, Europe. Our daily activity is dealing with removals home, office or business… Many years of experience helps to prevent unexpected situations and to carry out high-quality results by protecting your property and time. Qualified staff, fair prices, all necessary materials, safe conveyance, punctuality, smart, flexibility and sympathy for our customers is the way in which we go in order to be the best for our customers. Let your relocation become our concern.

Home Removals

No matter what size your move might be, you’ll have a ton on your mind that day, so it’s our goal to be more than a mover. Removals Centre Ltd want to be your partner. Partners do a lot more than move around boxes.

Anyone can move your stuff, but we move your life. Your heirlooms, memories, and cherished belongings are what make a house or apartment truly a home. This isn’t just “stuff” to you and neither is it to us.

Many of our customers come back over and over again. Why? First we did a bang up job for them the first time. Secondly, because 5, 10 years later, when they’re ready to move again, we’re still here. That says a lot.

Not only are we committed to handling your possessions as if they were our own, but we’re dedicated to doing it at the most competitive price that you’re likely to find. Look, we’ve been doing this a long time. In the last 20 years, we’ve helped over 70,000 people to move. Obviously, we’ve got this down. That’s why we can do it so well and at a price that may surprise you.

We are the UK’s home removal experts! Here at Removals Centre we offer a Nationwide home removal service

Office, Business Removals

At Removals Centre Ltd we understand that your business is close to your heart and your pocket. That’s why we make it our business to help you with yours.

With the amount of time you spend achieving a productive working environment in your office location, an interruption such as a move can be very stressful. Prevent interruptions and delays from occurring by letting professional office movers in London handle all of your moving needs.

We have the expertise to meet your moving requirements whether they are big or small. Our goal is to provide high quality moving services in London and all UK for an affordable price.

Our team of friendly, trained and uniformed personnel will be on hand to assist you with your move whenever you are in need. You only have to pick up the phone and let us know when you want us to be there or contact one of the Removals Centre team by e-mail.

Moving Planning

10 Steps To A Successful Office Move

Call Removals Centre Ltd in London! We’ve got the right people, experience and specialized equipment to do the job efficiently and economically.

Select a time when off activity is minimal. Our schedule is your schedule – at night or over the weekend.

Colour and number code items to be moved. Colour coding building areas and items reduce confusion, time and expense.

Decide who packs what. Your staff can do some of the packing to save money, or we can take care of all of it. We can give each department suggestions for the number and type of boxes to be used. For items you wish to pack, we provide a list of effective pacing tips.

“What about this?” What a better time to discard obsolete or seldom used materials.

Contact proper outside services and building managers at both locations. Your service providers should be made aware of the moving date so that any disconnections or connections can be made when needed. Contacting building managers will help with the mechanics of the move and ensure that elevators and loading bays are available.

Sensitive equipment. We have trucks and equipment designed to relocate your sensitive or fragile property. Your special office equipment will arrive safely, ready to put into service immediately.

Ask your staff to do their part. A week before the move have a meeting with your department heads. Explain the move, tell them what their responsibilities are, have their people mark equipment and clean their desk drawers and files. Again, it’s the time to purge obsolete files and paperwork.

Assign Supervisors. To speed up the placement of furniture and belongings, assign supervisors who know what is to be moved and where it goes. A layout or plans will also expedite the move.

Don’t worry! Removals Centre Ltd are professionals in office relocation in London and all UK, the sooner we’re involved the easier the task.

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